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Perth today is overshadowed by the proximity of the rapidly growing City of Launceston, and the time cannot be far removed when it will become part of the city. Its individual identity, however, will always endure because through 150 years of Tasmania's 168 years, Perth has made a contribution to the development of the state.

Reference: Rait, B. 1971 'Perth and its story', Advance Publicity Co, Hobart. 

AB713-1-5692_Perth Main Street 1957.jpg
AF819-1-247_Perth 1866.jpg


Perth has a fascinating and important history that now spans over two centuries. As a key crossing point on the South Esk River, Perth played a critical role in the history and development of Tasmania from fledgling colony to Australia's island paradise.


From bushrangers and highway robbery to architectural and enterprising marvels, Perth has many stories to share. The difficulty is that many of these stories are widely dispersed, from old newspapers to books to websites to libraries and archive rooms. 

The Research Room aims to help share and preserve information on the history and heritage of this little country town by cataloguing these resources in a single location. Whether you are a local wanting to find out more about the history of your home, writing about your family history, or a curious researcher, this website is here to help you on your research journey.

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