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The below list of books and paper emphemera contain information and detail on the history of Perth. 

Where possible, copies or sections of the text are available here to view. For some texts, only a chapter or 10% of the text are available.

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Perth and its story

Reference: Rait, B. 1971 'Perth and its story', Advance Publicity Co, Hobart. 

A short booklet published for the 150th Anniversary of Perth. Providing information on the history of Perth as well as a contemporary account of the town circa 1970.

Home of Peace.jpg

HOME OF PEACE, The Eskleigh Story

Reference: Burgess, J. 2018 'HOME OF PEACE, The Eskleigh Story', Eskleigh Foundation Inc, Perth. 

A well researched and written account of the history of this property, alongside the important work carried on at Eskleigh.

Longford Past and Present_edited.jpg

Longford Past and Present: with notes on Perth, Pateena, and Illawarra

Reference: Von Steiglitz, K. 1947 'Longford Past and Present: with notes on Perth, Pateena, and Illawarra', Telegraph Printery, Launceston.

Flour milling.jpg

Thematic Study of the Tasmanian Flour Milling Industry

Reference: Cassidy, J & Preston, K. 2000 'Thematic Study of the Tasmanian Flour Milling Industry', Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston.

Scone Merinos.jpg

Tasmanian Merinos of Scone

Reference: Gibson, W. 1887 'Tasmanian Merinos of Scone', Launceston Examiner Office, Launceston.

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Highway in Van Dieman's Land

Reference: Stancombe, G & Ratcliff, E. 1968 'Highway in Van Dieman's Land', Halstead Press, Sydney.

Over the Straits.jfif

Over the Straits; a visit to Victoria

Reference: Meredith, L. 1861. 'Over the straits; a visit to Victoria', Chapman and Hall, London. 

A delighful period account of someone travelling through Tasmania who visits Perth. 

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Tasmanian Towns in Federation Times

Reference: Hoare, L. 1998 'Tasmanian Towns in Federation Times', Uniprint, Hobart.

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The Norfolk Plains: A history of Longford, Cressy, Perth and Bishopsbourne, Tasmania. 

Reference: Haygarth, N. 2013 'The Norfolk Plains: A history of Longford, Cressy, Perth and Bishopsbourne, Tasmania', Fourty South Publishing, Hobart.

A detailed account of the history of the area. This book is essential for anyone interested in history of the area. 

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A History of Tasmania (Volumes I and II)

Reference: Robson, L. 1983 "A History of Tasmania, Volume I and II", Oxford University Press, Melbourne. 

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Historic Tasmanian Gardens

Reference: Simons, P,  1987 "Historic Tasmanian Gardens", The Mulini Press, Canberra. 

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